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Our Customers

With 20 years of experience comes close knit customer relationships. Our customers range from broadcast and post production companies to advertising, government, education, houses of worship, sports and interactive markets.
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Customer Stories

Check out how CineSys-Oceana customer The Vanity magically made art into film using Autodesk Flame on the Lenovo P910 for high-res, real-time performance.


CineSys-Oceana has been a great asset to CMG, Indianapolis. We had a time sensitive project coming and needed a reliable shared storage solution for our Autodesk color grading, VFX, online, and finish facility. Mike Keeney and Sherdwain Charles stepped up to the plate and delivered. Not only did they deliver a SAN solution for our boutique, but they worked to make it fit our budget and timeframe. Since it has been installed, support has been great. We now have a stable real time 4K SAN solution were we can work on projects with multiple workstations simultaneously, and have secure LTO7 archiving. I appreciate the staff at CineSys and their dedication to customer support and service.
Marc Wellington, CMG
We (Global Team Blue) have been using CineSys for many years. Their knowledge of the industry and trends are a great resource when evaluating new gear. Every purchase is thoroughly vetted and discussed to make sure it meets our needs and also that the company will be around long after the purchase. When it comes to planning and installation. This is where CineSys shines. We have upgraded our archival workflow and just recently our SAN. Either of these installations alone can cause loss of revenue to a facility. CineSys engineering helped pre-plan and execute both installations without any disruptions to our daily workflow. To provide ongoing support we have purchased maintenance contracts thru CineSys as well. The days are long gone where a facility will have a large engineering department to support the infrastructure. These maintenance contracts help bridge that gap. Their engineers are knowledgeable on all the products they sell and have close relationships to the manufacturers. Support is just an email or phone call away.
Dean Dolce, Post Production Operations Director, The Park, GTB