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CineSys-Oceana Solutions with Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage

The cloud is rapidly transforming media workflows everywhere, and Backblaze has emerged as a leader by making cloud storage simple, reliable, and affordable. In fact, Backblaze B2 Cloud storage lets you store more than four times the content you could for the same price as other cloud storage solutions.

Everything archived or stored in Backblaze B2 is only $5/TB per month, protected with 99.999999999% of durability to make sure that your content is stored exactly as written, and most importantly, immediately available whenever needed for your asset manager or new project needs.

Upgrade and Optimize your Shared Storage
If you've been holding off on upgrading your shared storage, or been forced to keep expanding for your content and project archive needs, we can show you how to right-size your shared storage and integrate it with a truly active archive built on Backblaze B2.


Give your MAM Unlimited Storage
Today's asset and project managers give you a single interface to all of your content - whether on your shared-storage, in Backblaze B2, or both. You can freely move content off of your shared storage as needed to keep it lean and optimized, and never worry about having to rush an upgrade to your MAM's storage again.

Archive and Organize all of your Local Drives and Projects
If you have content and older projects stored on-site across several types of storage, or multiple hard drive and RAID systems, you can simultaneously protect and organize all of that trapped content in a single step with Backblaze B2.

Replace Aging Tape Drives and JBODs
If you're not sure whether to keep investing in maintenance and media for older tape systems or JBOD's, we can help you analyze your savings by shifting content to Backblaze B2 and get instant access and organization across your entire content and project library.

Launch your Next Great Content Monetization Project
Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage is only $5/TB per month - a cost that makes even the largest projects feasible. Archive back catalogs and past seasons of productions from aging tape or other analog formats, or acquire new asset libraries for monetization.

We’re ready to help you build your next creative workflow.

At CineSys-Oceana we're well-known for implementing solutions for broadcast, film and television customers of every size. From production to archive, we have a solution to help you be more efficient, deliver your work faster and more reliably, and above all, let you focus on delivering your best work.

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