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AVID Media Composer 2018.12

The latest release of the Media Composer Family (2018.12) is available now, including updates to both Media Composer (subscription and perpetual), and Media Composer | Ultimate. This is a major release, as it includes four of the most requested features!

  • Background Auto Bin Save: Media Composer now performs automatic bin saves in the background – letting editors continue to work and focus on creative tasks and not deal with costly interruptions
  • New High Res Title Tool: Create and edit titles in any raster, directly in the record monitor – and switch rasters automatically without having to realign or adjust your text
  • Group and Multi-group Updates: Add, edit, remove, trim and update clips in groups without having to make a new group. You can also create groups with mixed frame rates, create multi-group from a sequence, change the reference audio track, and cycle through all cameras using Swap Camera Banks 
  • Shape-based Color Correction: Draw and manipulate shapes in the Color Correction toolset to apply different looks to the shape and base layer. You can also animate the shape using tracking tools and create multiple shapes in the same layer. (Requires Symphony Option)
  • Faster DPX Linking and Editing: Link to, edit and play back DPX files up to 10x faster than before
  • 64 Tracks of Video: expanded track count, so you can have up to 64 tracks of audio and video
  • Syncing using Waveforms: Sync audio-only clips to video directly in the Timeline using waveform analysis – no need to rely on In points or Timecode
  • DNxUncompressed 12 Bit: Now you can create DNxUncompressed media at 12 bits, saving you space and bandwidth
  • Enhanced QuickTime Support: This update also includes fixes for a few issues related to QT files. Customers who have been reporting problems linking to or importing .mov files should upgrade to 2018.12
Please Note:
  • v10.12.x is the minimum macOS supported by 2018.12
  • This will be the last release to support the following CPUs:
⁃ HP Z820, Dell T7610/R7610/T5610, Lenovo C30/D30
⁃ HP Z420, Dell T3610, Lenovo S30
⁃ HP Z230, Dell T1700, Lenovo E32/P300
⁃ HP Zbook (first gen) 14”, 15”, 17”
⁃ Dell M3800, M4800, M6800, Lenovo W540 (all laptops)
⁃ iMac 27” & 21” from Late 2013
⁃ Macbook Pros from Late 2013

How to obtain Media Composer 2018 updates:
If you are on a current Update & Support plan, you can download the Media Composer update either from your Avid Master Account or the Avid Download Center. If you are not on a current Update & Support contract, you must purchase either a new Media Composer Subscription or Perpetual license to receive this update.

More information can be found in the MC 2018.12 What's New Guide.

If you have any questions regarding Media Composer, contact us here.

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