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GTB editing virtually with SimpleCloud

September 2019, Dearborn, MI - "We had an impromptu meeting with corporate executives. The topic is an offshore initiative that is 2 months behind and how to get back on track asap. While visiting CineSys-Oceana at NAB, I was introduced to SimpleCloud. Liked the product and support. It was immediately clear to me that this was my opportunity to introduce Cloud-Based video editing into our environment. After a brief discussion it was tasked to me and I had 1 week to prove capability.
Immediately called CineSys that afternoon to get the project started. Their VP of Media Solutions, Jason Starne, picked it up from there and worked diligently with the SimpleCloud team, while they were on the floor during a convention. The next day our account and virtual studio were created. Jason called and gave me a brief introduction on operation and how best to move content in and out of the cloud environment.
Next task was to call our team in South America. While on the phone I was able to talk them thru on how to download the app and launch the Virtual Machine. Adobe Premiere was installed, and we logged into Adobe Cloud with our enterprise id (a big plus for corporate security). All the media was uploaded on our end and the editor onsite in South America was virtually editing that same day.

Staff at both locations were astonished at how well and efficiently the Virtual Machine worked. The SimpleCloud software allows us to work with an offsite location as if they were in the same office. Our onsite staff prepares the media content for the virtual machine just the same as the onsite suites. When the job is complete, we can log in and grab the media and all project files for delivery and archival. Done… it’s really that simple.
A big thanks to everyone for providing a complete efficient solution and great support."

- Dean Dolce
Post Production Operations Director, GTB

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