Clarisse 3.5 at SIGGRAPH 2017

Layout, assembly, lookdev, light and render at an unprecedented speed. This is the right time to modernize your pipeline. Meet Clarisse 3.5 - the most innovative 3D and VFX creation tool available on the market.

Going to SIGGRAPH 2017? Contact our VP of Media Solutions Jason Starne by email or phone: 469-231-1629 to set up your Clarisse 3.5 demo!

Clarisse_Siggraph2017What's new in 3.5?
Clarisse 3.5 comes with major improvements and great new feature sets focusing on set dressing, scene assembly, look development, lighting and rendering. The 3.5 has been designed to offer you the most innovative 3D and VFX creation tool, bringing you more creative freedom, speed and efficiency than ever before!

With game-changing features such as the new particle & property paint, the new light Path Expressions (LPE), the new Standard PBR Material or the Cryptomatte integration along with many enhancements throughout the entire software, Clarisse 3.5 is a significant step forward in freeing artists from technical issues and giving them back full power for instant creative decision making.

This new major release brings its share of cutting-edge features and countless workflow enhancements to make out the most of your creative experience! Check out the video and see the massive feature update coming your way! It’s simple: Clarisse 3.5 is just supernatural!

Clarisse 3.5 is immediately available for purchase. Existing customers with an active maintenance are eligible for free 3.5 upgrade. Contact us for more info.

Try and Learn Clarisse 3.5!
This major release also comes along with brand new video tutorials! Check out the new tutorials and quickly learn how to make the most of Clarisse 3.5!

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