V-Ray for C4D

V-RayforC4D 3.4 is seamlessly integrated and optimized for both CPUs and GPUs, using whatever an artist picks to deliver high-quality imagery and animation quickly, even when working with complex 3D scenes. V-RayforC4D 3.4 operates under the same core technology that has made V-Ray an industry-standard in visual effects, broadcast and architectural design projects for nearly 20 years. With a vast lighting, shading, and rendering toolkit at their disposal, artists and designers have full control over the entire creative process, from real-time look development to the final frame.

3.4 Key Features

In V-Ray 3.4 all parts of the engine have been greatly speed up. The new extremely optimized CPU rendering brings V-Ray to speeds never seen before rendering, providing a feature full and powerful production tool set for high-quality, high-resolution images and animations with V-Ray. V-Ray provides 100% physical correct ray tracing methods. In addition V-Ray 3.4 now also offers blazing fast GPU render options for previews and final frame rendering.

Simplicity is one of the best new features. V-Ray 3.4’s new automated sampling with its variance based adaptive ray tracing technology offers a dramatic different way to work for artists in eliminating the need to set or tune any complex settings – just choose the GI engine type, the render time and start render. Subdivisions, technical render settings, all that is not needed any more in V-Ray 3.4.  The new progressive rendering for CPU and GPU gives you an instant feedback on the render result.

Other Features
by Thomas Dubois

  • Global illumination and accurate lights
  • Physical layered BRDFs with new materials and shader
  • Physical cameras - VR ready - 360 degree stereo cameras
  • Unlimited UVs per shaders and triplanar mapping
  • Proxies and instancing with shader and material randomization tools
  • New sky modes, areal perspective and faster volume rendering
  • Full Maxon hair, fur, spline and grass render support
  • New VFB Win & OSX - LUT control, denser and lens effects
  • New V-Ray clipper, render time booleans and render mask
  • CPU & GPU production render and new IPR preview mode
  • New extended render elements, ID passes and light select feature
  • V-Ray DR and full unlimited C4D CMD-line team rendering