ClarityNow! is an innovative file management software that standardizes the organization of data across heterogeneous storage systems. Using ClarityNow!, enterprise users are able to more effectively find, use, and organize files; and IT administrators are able to manage storage infrastructure, efficiently provision storage, monitor and report on storage use, and effectively make decisions about new infrastructure purchases.

As the amount of content generated by enterprises continues to proliferate, the strain on enterprise storage infrastructure, business users and IT administrators, and corporate IT budgets continues to grow. While the price of storage continues to fall, the cost of managing complex storage and data infrastructure is increasing.

Companies need help in achieving the CapEX/OpEx balance. Balance is achievable with ClarityNow!. Here are a few selected and key features:
  • Unified file system view across heterogeneous file system.
  • Tagging of the essential foundation elements required to couple, correlate, and automate various infrastructure systems.
  • Contextual-awareness of the underlying file system, and displayed within the search results window, the interface immediately navigates to context location when a row is selected in the results window.
  • Problem alerts (size, expiration, capacity…) help to reduce incurred delays by the amount of time previously wasted hunting down problems.
  • Highly optimized scanning provides the ability to obtain real time views of the actual file system data.
  • Access control allows awareness to address privacy concerns, as users are able to view the file system without being granted file system access.
ClarityNow Overview

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