Dolby PRM
Dolby Professional Reference Monitor PRM-4220
The Dolby Professional Reference Monitor PRM-4220 is the most accurate display for creating any type of entertainment content. The first flat panel to outperform the CRT, the Dolby PRM-4220 is the new industry standard.

The Dolby® Professional Reference Monitor PRM-4220 enables the creative process for colorists and cinematographers by ensuring that the final image will reflect exactly what you see on the display. The most accurate color correction monitor available, it displays the full dynamic range that the latest advanced digital cameras can capture.

  • Renders superior black-level performance, with true blacks, highly accurate dark detail, and precise linearity maintained across the entire gray scale.
  • Accurately displays DCI P3, all high-definition formats over HD-SDI, and 2K video content.
  • Allows accurate viewing of all image details in the darks, and highlights what other monitors typically clip.
  • Supports not only today's 10-bit video formats but also emerging 12-bit formats without dithering or downscaling of the color gamut.
  • Displays color looks and pre-visualization with 1D and 3D look-up tables (LUTs).
  • Provides the exceptional reliability of an LCD display.
As a color grading monitor, the Dolby Professional Reference Monitor uses 3D LUTs to emulate the full gamut and contrast ratio of film, as well as the color profile of digital cameras. This makes DCI P3 color grading possible without the use of a digital projector.

Each Dolby video reference monitor can replace a collection of other professional video monitors, allowing HD and digital cinema workflows in the same room.

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