ELEMENTS develops easy-to-use, customizable media storage solutions with the focus on people – not just technology – to simplify media storage workflows. Simple, safe and highly efficient: ELEMENTS supports every step of the production process with unique and easy-to-use storage technologies.


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ELEMENTS ONE is the ultimate all‐in‐one SAN/NAS media storage solution with up to 360TB raw capacity in a 4U unit. Video professionals who want simple and intuitive collaboration in heterogeneous environments and multi‐platform workflows, ELEMENTS ONE enables native sharing of media files across all platforms and applications for simultaneous access for both Fibre Channel and Ethernet clients.
ELEMENTS ONE virtually eliminates the need for additional workflow management tools, as it combines a full set of workflow enhancement features and management tools, such as professional task, user and file managers, as well as ELEMENTS unique Media Library, a sophisticated MAM that even includes an extensive editing application. The rough‐cut editor in the Media Library enables operators to create rough‐cuts of the original film material anywhere and with any device available. Furthermore, authorized users can leave comments and even on‐screen drawings to simplify the communication – all accessible via a fully intuitive, web‐based GUI with enhanced security features.

ELEMENTS GATEWAY bridges the gap between all clients in the network, enabling every SAN and NAS environment to share the file system natively. By simulating an Avid Unity or ISIS, ELEMENTS GATEWAY connects virtually all NLE and VFX clients, including AVID Media Composer, Apple Final Cut Pro, and Adobe Premiere to the existing storage environment, while supporting full AVID project sharing and bin‐locking. ELEMENTS GATEWAY also works as high performance fileserver for SMB, AFP and NFS, and even as a scalable high‐availability cluster.

ELEMENTS CUBE combines all of ELEMENTS' benefits and features in an ultra‐small form factor chassis for storing, managing and organizing assets in the field and on the go. ELEMENTS CUBE supports edit‐while‐ingest, so new footage can be transferred directly on set from the camera onto the storage in ELEMENTS CUBE, while the clips can be previewed and preselected immediately ‐ on any device via ELEMENTS unique workflow enhancement package. If ELEMENTS Media Library is enabled, even commenting and starting a rough‐cut on set is possible.

Cost‐effective NAS solution equipped with all features and benefits of ELEMENTS ONE, without the Fibre Channel and LTFS option.

Customized SAN solutions with ELEMENTS’ unique set of features and benefits that enables heterogeneous workflows to collaborate easily by sharing media files natively – across all platforms, fabrics and NLE and VFX applications, even including Avid Media Composer. ELEMENTS SAN is extremely scalable infrastructure for “zero‐downtime” requirements.

ELEMENTS ARCHIVE is specialized in media archiving, taking workload off the production storage. While connecting to the storage via NFS, SMB and AFP, ELEMENTS ARCHIVE supports an integrated media buffer that constantly ensures optimal performance for writing and reading tapes. For enhanced data integrity all tapes are check summed and compared to the source files.
The LTFS database created by ELEMENTS ARCHIVE is fully indexed and accessible through any web browser and allows for customized fields to add additional information as required. ELEMENTS ARCHIVE supports libraries with multiple drives and hundreds of slots without additional costs.