Lux Media Plan
Lux Media Plan

LMP – Lux Media Plan – is a leading supplier of innovative serial digital solutions. Since 1986, the German-based company has been developing standardized and custom-made applications for notable clients in Europe, the United States, Asia and the Middle East.
Over 30 years of experience in motion picture production have rendered LMP a most insightful and versatile partner for sophisticated TV, video and audio productions. LMP’s high-quality solutions meet the individual requirements of a broad spectrum of clients including broadcasting corporations, film and TV productions, R&D departments of universities and companies active in medicine, aviation or security. The range of products comprises customized devices as well as proprietary developments and single items manufactured to specification.

Cerberus Camera System
Introducing the Cerberus camera system, LMP Lux Media Plan continues the everlasting reinvention of the world's smallest true HD camera systems.

Based on the successful HD1200 camera system, the modular Cerberus system combines three 2/3“ sensors using the identical processing hardware, making the camera heads interchangeable. Focussing on the individual advantages of different sensor types, the Cerberus system adapts to your needs with ground-breaking performance in every field. Experience the familiar workflow deduced with exceptional new features.


Image Sensor2/3” CMOS (viimagic 9226) with Global Shutter
2112x1124 total pixel, 16:9
2/3” CMOS (viimagic 9215) with Rolling Shutter
2048x1148 total pixel, 16:9
Readout1920x1080 @ 60 frames/s1920x1080 @ 60/120 frames/s
Dynamic Rangelinear mode: 60 dB
hdr mode: up to 120 dB
linear mode: 60 dB
hdr mode: up to 120 dB
SensitivityF 11/2000 lx at nominal gainF 11/2000 lx at nominal gain
S/N Ratio58 dB (Y) at nominal gain56 dB (Y) at nominal gain
Frame Rates:
with optional HFR upgrade 100/119,88/120