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MatrixStore is the flexible and integrated private storage cloud that fits seamlessly into your workflows.
MatrixStore uses object based storage technology to provide an integrated and automated nearline platform to support multiple workflows. It stores data, metadata and automatically applies data storage policies to provide a secure and scalable solution for your data storage requirements.

Key Functionality
  • Flexible configurations (size and performance)
  • Advanced metadata management, extraction and indexing
  • Implement business rules controlling data storage, controlling HSM, regulation compliance etc.
  • Built in Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity enables organizations to access their data in the event of a local outage
  • Unique Process in Place (PiP) functionality processes the data where it lives
  • Filesystem (SMB, NFS, CIFS, local volumes), FTP, Amazon S3 and MatrixStore API access
  • MatrixStore API integrated into many Partner tools for seamless workflows: Cantemo, Avid, Adobe, etc.
  • Forward and backward hardware compatibility for Future Proof expansion of the storage
  • Automates storage management tasks to ensure data longevity and availability


NEWS: DataFrameworks and Object Matrix team up to enable file-to-object archive workflows SOLUTION BRIEF
The Object Matrix third party plugins insure that the integration of MatrixStore will be non-disruptive and beneficial to your existing workflows. Object Matrix works with the industry's leading manufacturers to integrate, test and certify workflows so you don’t have to. Below are some examples of their collaborative efforts.

InterConnect for Avid Interplay
InterConnect provides data movement in between Avid Interplay and MatrixStore storage. It is an application that runs on a Windows platform (or multiple platforms) that is in turn connected to both the Web Services from Avid and the MatrixStore. Data can be moved either via automated rules or manual actions.

MatrixStore can be the central hub for multiple workflows and is the perfect Nearline Archive to work with your Interplay environment. It provides you the flexibility to decide how much data to keep on Avid ISIS tier and how much data to keep elsewhere. Data moved onto the scalable MatrixStore is even searchable using tags entered in Avid Interplay, secured via a rich set of data storage policies and can be replicated off premises or HSMd to tape. Unlike other solutions it allows you to keep accessing your data even if Avid Interplay is gone or down, to automatically delete data on the Interplay once it is archived, to restore data to the original or alternative projects, and to archive sequences and SFX. It is a feature rich solution trusted by blue chip customers around the world.

Intelligent and Secure Media Asset Management with Cantemo Portal
If you need to manage the daily deluge of content pouring into your organization or you need to collaborate with global teams then spreadsheets don’t cut it. If you need to perform repeatable tasks in an automated fashion then simple databases won’t cut it. If you need to tie in many of your existing applications into one seamless workflow then using someone to write some scripts will not cut it.

More and more organizations are looking for media asset management systems that enable them to automate the processing of incoming content, allow them to provide a collaboration platform and also identify strategies for monetizing the content they own. Implementing such a platform can be an all consuming and expensive task. Cantemo Portal provides all of the functionality you require from a MAM. It is flexible, powerful, cost-effective and more importantly tightly integrated with MatrixStore from Object Matrix. The integration ensures that content can be protected in a scalable and secure nearline platform without you, the end user, needing to manage the process.

Easy to use, flexible and secure browser asset management
MatrixStore Vision is a beautiful browser based content search and collaboration tool. The interface allows you to search your MatrixStore, upload or download data and to perform additional asset management functionality. Being able to quickly search, view and share your media assets no longer requires complex to install, learn or control software but can now be carried out via a beautiful web interface from Object Matrix: MatrixStore Vision. Seamlessly integrated with MatrixStore it uses the power of MatrixStore (Process in Place functionality) to examine and enhance metadata and then allows any authorised user to quickly search, preview and share assets using only their web browsers.

Vision is a powerful search tool that looks at any metadata users have added during the ingest of the data assets, as well as metadata extracted from the assets themselves. In video workflows Vision is aware of AS11 metadata and can both extract that metadata as well as display it. Your content is a simple keyword search away.


Easy to use, flexible and secure data ingest and management
DropSpot runs on Windows, Linux and Mac to provide graphical interface to ingest, search, tag and manage assets on MatrixStore. DropSpot was built simply because moving data between PCs/SANs to a secure data storage platform shouldn’t be time consuming, error prone or complex. Customers love the simplicity of the application and the functionality to manage data quickly.

The application does not aim to replace a full blown MAM, but for a lightweight application, the metadata management capabilities of DropSpot are impressive. The app can extract and add metadata on the fly and allows you to create custom metadata forms tailored to the way you wish to handle data. Tag what you want. Find what you need. And because the metadata you add to assets is stored within MatrixStore all of those metadata tags are available to the other applications that are integrated into MatrixStore at a later stage of the workflow.