Omnitek specializes in the development of Waveform Monitors, Video Signal Generators and Picture Quality Analyzers. They supply test and measurement products to manufacturers, broadcasters, post and colour grading and digital cinema applications for SD, HD, 3G and 4K.

The engineering team at Omnitek has an international reputation for excellence. Their first products were born out of frustration at the lack of good test and measurement equipment for use in multi-format video environments. Over the years they have worked closely with customers in post production, broadcast and design to offer a suite of products for waveform and data monitoring, physical layer analysis and picture quality diagnosis.

Ultra 4K Tool Box
The Omnitek Ultra 4K Tool Box provides a unique and unparalleled suite of tools for the analysis, conversion and generation of Ultra HDTV and Digital Cinema video signals in all current formats up to 4096 x 2160/60, helping manufacturers to design products and enabling broadcast engineers, networks, telcos, outside broadcast units, systems integrators and researchers to build, test and commission UHD and 4K systems with complete confidence.

Containing a complete solution, the Ultra 4K Tool Box offers a variety of connection formats - multi-rate SDI, HDMI and DisplayPort 4K - for both video source and display. Conversion between cable and image formats allows operation in multi-format video environments, while comprehensive and advanced SDI physical layer analysis features enable system designers to rapidly locate sources of signal error in all paths up to 12G-SDI single link 4K/60Hz.

Ultra version 2.1 adds additional features including ANC Watch, audio PPMs/channel status/tone generation, Raster Video File play-out and capture, Anamorphic support and more.

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Ultra XR
4K/UHD Waveform Analyzer
The Omnitek Ultra XR is configured specifically for content creators, colorists, post-production editors and other users of DI, working with ultra high resolution UHD images delivered over QL 3G, DL 6G or 12G SDI and HDMI 1.4 / 2.0 links.

The Ultra XR provides all the traditional tools needed to work with DI - high-resolution waveform display, vectorscope, CIE chart etc. - but engineered specifically with 4K/UHD in mind. 12-bit 4:4:4 SDI input formats in YCbCr, RGB and XYZ are supported, along with Wide Colour Gamut RGB - ITU-R BT.2020 and High Dynamic Range (HDR) inputs - ST2084 / PQ and Hybrid Log Gamma.

Picture display, true 4K waveform monitor, vectorscope, BT.709 / BT.2020 CIE gamut charts, pixel data views, A/V timing, audio meters and status displays will be provided as standard, covering all resolutions from SD to 4K and supporting a wide range of physical interfaces.

  • True 4K Waveform Analysis, Vectorscope & CIE Gamut Chart
    Full frequency response waveform analysis at 12-bit precision, Digital Levels and NITs scales. BT.709 / BT.2020 CIE gamut chart. Selectable Region of Interest.
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) inputs: ST2084 / PQ and Hybrid Log Gamma
  • Wide Color Gamut RGB: ITU-R BT.2020
  • 12-bit 4:4:4 SDI input formats in YCbCr, RGB, and XYZ
  • 4K Video Stream Analysis
    Real-time signal analysis of all current formats up to 4096x2160/60 (2SI & Square Division).