Quantum, a global leader in storage, delivers highly reliable backup, archive, and workflow solutions that meet demanding requirements for data integrity, availability, and performance. Used throughout broadcast, post-production, imaging, and other Media & Entertainment operations, Quantum’s leading software and tape solutions streamline operations and intelligently archive content. The company’s data management software, StorNext, creates shared storage pools for faster project completion and archives content for lower cost data retention and disaster recovery. The A-Series platform provides provideo environments with a tape-based file system, network-attached storage and is MXF-aware for simplified sharing and transport of content without disruption of metadata.

StorNext 6 Scale-out Storage

Delivering an unparalleled combination of high performance and advanced data management

Comprehensive Solution
StorNext was created to solve the daunting problem of sharing access to massive data sets for strategic analysis. Now recognized as a leader in scale-out storage for large, data-intensive workloads, we have built on that pedigree through continuous development. StorNext 6 delivers the unique combination of high performance and advanced data management, providing cost-effective scalability and access for a wide variety of workloads and use cases, including media production, genomics research, video surveillance, geospatial imaging, VR content, and more.

StorNext 6 empowers companies to architect their storage environment based on the needs of their business—all-flash, tape, cloud, and other storage tiers. The StorNext platform eliminates the need to recreate the data management infrastructure to take advantage of an ever-changing landscape of storage offerings, allowing companies to maximize their storage investments. This flexibility means that data is always available in the right place at the right time and at the right cost.

StorNext 6 enhances efficiency and lowers the costs associated with complex data management by simplifying the movement, access, sharing, and protection of data— regardless of location. StorNext 6 delivers these capabilities while optimizing performance at scale, so every user benefits from a seamless, global, multi-tier storage environment without changing the way they work.

StorNext provides companies with cost-effective storage that supports flexible and efficient user access to data directly with their chosen applications.

Shared Archive Management with FlexSpace™
FlexSpace allows multiple instances of StorNext—located anywhere in the world—to share a single archive target. Users working at geographically distributed sites can create and automatically store content to the archive as well as browse and pull content from it. FlexSpace provides fully automated movement of files according to policies, thereby increasing efficiency and enhancing data protection through off-site storage. This capability supports both public cloud (via S3 protocol with StorNext FlexTier™) and private cloud storage based on Lattus™ object storage or a FlexTier target, such as Webscale, Scality, or Cleversafe.

Xcellis Workflow Storage

Qualified against Autodesk's certified storage solution

A powerful and scalable system that simplifies storage architecture and streamlines operations. Xcellis enhances workflows, boosts efficiency, improves productivity, and enables business insight.

Converged Architecture
Operating multiple storage systems to satisfy different performance and connectivity requirements is wasteful and costly. Quantum Xcellis creates a highly efficient storage environment that supports workflows, promotes collaboration, and fits your business requirements. Never underpowered or over provisioned, flexible Xcellis storage is designed to manage storage on your terms.

Unified Access
Demanding workflows have increased the need for collaboration among core and extended team members. By combining both SAN performance with the ease of NAS connectivity, Xcellis extends collaboration to the broadest range of users. This provides the right level of performance to the right people, improves collaboration, and simplifies deployments and workflows.

Continuous Scalability
Quantum believes you shouldn’t have to forklift-replace components to scale storage. Nor should you have to pay for additional hardware to overcome architectural deficiencies. Xcellis scales capacity and performance in parallel or independently, providing users access to the space and bandwidth required to get the job done.

Xcellis workflow storage is flat out fast. Users in any workflow, whether it’s genomic research, 4K video, surveillance or any other demanding field, will feel like they’re directly attached, interacting in real time with data streams that bring less capable systems to their knees. But it’s not just streaming performance that matters; Xcellis also accelerates workflows with support for key applications with no change in process, and access to content from any tier.

Xcellis Workflow Storage