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Visible Data. Invisible Storage.
Qumulo Core, the world’s first data-aware scale-out NAS, helps CIOs and storage administrators store, manage and curate enormous numbers of digital assets. Qumulo Core is a software-only, flash-first hybrid design that is optimized for the widest range of workloads and file sizes and is 100% programmable through an interactive REST API.

Qumulo Core’s real-time analytics help businesses obtain instant answers about their data footprint by explaining usage patterns and which users or workloads are impacting their performance and capacity.

Qumulo Core

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Qumulo Core is powered by QSFS, the Qumulo Scalable File System. QSFS provides real-time visibility into data and storage to solve the data management problems created by first generation scale-out NAS products. QSFS was designed to leverage the price/performance of commodity server hardware coupled with the modern technologies of flash, virtualization and cloud.

Accelerate Your Media Production Workflows
Media & Entertainment organizations are constantly looking for ways to increase the business value of their media assets by merging creative talent with technological breakthroughs. Storage infrastructure plays a critical role in the ability to store, manage, and curate vast and rapidly growing libraries of media content. Qumulo Core – data-aware scale-out NAS – is flexible to adapt to your organization’s business growth and takes advantage of new revenue opportunities, while providing uncompromising protection and availability to ensure business continuity.