Shotgun Software
Shotgun Software

Production Pipeline Management
Shotgun® production tracking, review, and asset management software provides essential collaboration tools on a secure and scalable cloud-based platform.

Iterate faster with a totally integrated review system – simple, visual tools that keep teams connected across desktops, browsers, and mobile devices.

Share Media
Shotgun Client Review

An easy way to find media fast, then upload, organize, review, and share it.

With a fully-integrated native RV player, artists can access high-res frames, compare multiple versions, and play back local media super fast.

Stay connected while you’re on the run. Browse project media, review notes, and give visual feedback -- all from the palm of your hand.

Client Presentation
Share media with clients on mobile devices securely, with one click. Their viewing experience has your studio’s branding and their notes come back directly into the system.

As people work on parts of the project, they can submit movies and images to Shotgun where others can review them. Organize multiple submissions into a playlist, then launch it in the native RV player.

Draw right on the picture or type your notes and send them from your browser, desktop or mobile device. Artists will receive a note with the annotated images so they know exactly what to do.

Shotgun Software was acquired by Autodesk in 2014.
Autodesk Gold Partner