Softron Media Services

Softron Media Services has been providing Macintosh based video and audio solutions for 25 years. Their philosophy is to focus on the software while relying on open architectures to provide hardware suitable applications. Softron Media Services applications offer intelligent and easy-to-use interfaces.

The flagship application, OnTheAir Video, is running in many TV stations worldwide in order to provide 24/7 video playback without the cost and overhead of a dedicated hardware video server.

These solutions provide the following advantages to the cost-conscious broadcasters:
  • No dedicated or proprietary hardware means evolution is always possible: implementing new codecs or video formats is done simply by upgrading software. No need to buy new cards or extensions.
  • The Softron playback solutions provide support for any type of video format, from MPEG-4 to IMX or DVCPro HD. So whatever your needs, you'll be covered!
  • Software-only solutions, so you are free to buy off-the-shelf hardware and get local support. CineSys-Oceana are always happy to provide setup assistance and support.