Vantage Transcode Products
The Vantage transcoding product family utilizes the latest technologies to deliver pristine quality, exceptional processing speeds, plus the industry’s most extensive file format support. Dynamic, decision-based workflows can be designed for most any application. Vantage Transcode products can be used standalone or clustered using Vantage Array.

Telestream Vantage Transcode

Vantage transcoding products allow you to:

  • Bridge incompatible devices with faster-than-real-time file-based transcoding
  • Automate standards-conversion and up-conversion workflows with exceptional visual quality
  • Prepare content for broadcast, VOD, mobile, edit and web formats
  • Move transcoding and content ingest from edit and desktop systems to powerful servers

Vantage Transcode Pro
Vantage Transcode Pro products simplify media conversion in today's multi-format, multivendor video environments. Video and audio are automatically converted with metadata between all the major broadcast servers, edit system, MXF, MPEG-2, web, and mobile file formats. Vantage Transcode Pro products save you time, effort and money by eliminating tedious manual transcoding, cumbersome handling of tape, and the need for digital-to-analog conversions just to get your media into the right file format.

Vantage Transcode Pro offers the industry’s deepest and broadest support for all the major professional video and audio file formats, systems, and wrapper variants. It converts from virtually any source format to a full range of web, mobile, edit, VOD, MXF and all leading broadcast server formats. Exclusive Telestream technology up converts SD interlaced content to superior quality 1080i and 720p HD output; high quality de-interlacing also allows the creation of exceptional web and mobile content. For broadcast content, HD VANC is preserved or can be inserted, and optional DolbyE decode or pass through is also supported. With ongoing support for evolving formats, you can rest assured that you'll have a content repurposing solution that you won't outgrow.

Vantage Transcode Pro Connect adds the ability to automate XML sidecar metadata transformation, monitoring of and delivery to broadcast servers using proprietary protocols, creation of TAR packages, and web services notification. Transcode Pro Connect also enables you to integrated with Avid Interplay, including ingest of media through Send to Playback and options to deliver media using Transfer Engine or Interplay Web Services.