IS-Mini LUT Box

The IS-Mini by Wowow Entertainment Inc. is a digital color adjustment device used for on-set camera preview and for monitor calibration for professional motion picture productions.

For the past few years, IS-mini LUT box and MiniManager software were manufactured by Fujifilm, Inc. and they have proven to be highly effective and reliable solutions for color management and professional monitor calibration. Starting September 9, 2016, Fujifilm Corporation transferred the manufacture, research and development of IS-Mini hardware and software to WOWOW Entertainment, Inc. located in Tokyo, Japan. WOWOW now sells and supports the IS-Mini hardware and software, and is committed to bring forth new products that build on the existing line-up.
High Precision Color Reproduction using the IS-Mini

IS-Mini LUT Box
Monitor calibration is possible if the figure measured with the spectrophotometer for the monitor is entered into the computer and IS-mini recorded with the color conversion table created on the computer is connected with the monitor and image output equipment. Anyone can easily conduct calibration by following the instructions of the accompanying software WonderLook Pro*, even if they have no special knowledge of color management. This enables color matching for not only shooting sets but also monitors in a broad range of business operations that handle images including production companies, post-production and advertisement production companies.

Camera preview of the shot images is available on the monitor in appropriate color reproduction according to the color conversion table of the camera, recorder, and monitor generated by IS-100 if this IS-mini is connected with the camera (or recorder) and monitor on the film set.

Enabling color management with multiple equipment interlocking with IS-100
By having IS-mini interlock with IS-100 connected to the main camera and main monitor, and having the equipment information of the shooting camera and image checking monitor to be connected with IS-100, registered in IS-100, the color conversion table is automatically sent from IS-100 to IS-mini. This enables to check the final images with appropriate color conversion according to the color conversion table of each IS-100, even if a camera or monitor of a different manufacturer and model than the main camera and main monitor is connected to IS-mini. Ideal color management is possible on large scale shooting sets, where multiple cameras and monitors are used at the same time.
If IS-mini recorded with the color conversion table used and generated with IS-100 is connected with the monitor and image output equipment, used in post-production for editing and finishing up images, color intended by the director on the film set is correctly reproduced on the monitor, which streamlines post-production work.

*this new software replaces IS-mini Manager and Manager Plus