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What is SimpleCloud?

SimpleCloud is a cloud-based platform for digital content creators focused on animation, architecture, editorial, games development, and visual effects. It provides management and setup of a virtual studio in the cloud, allowing users to be connected to a virtual workstation from anywhere, through any thin client or html 5 supported browser. It’s based off of Windows OS virtual machines, Nvidia grid GPU, and powered by IBM Cloud. A full virtual studio can be set up in under an hour.


Who is it for?

SimpleCloud is aimed at professionals, freelancers and companies small and large, who seek to optimize their IT infrastructure by taking advantage of the cloud in an easy and affordable way. It leverages the infrastructure provided by IBM Cloud Services with 60 data centers around the world.


SimpleCloud can supply a license server for each studio where you can upload your own licenses, or connect to your local on prem existing license servers. This way you know that all your collaborators comply within the legal requirements. It can also integrate your own tools, sources or customizations. SimpleCloud works with any content creation software like Adobe, Autodesk, Avid, Maxon, The Foundry, etc. Basically any application that will run on Windows.

The render farm is one of the most expensive and complex parts of the infrastructure of a studio. With SimpleCloud you can have the power you need, without worrying about anything more than adding or removing nodes transparently. You can have separate farms for each project, integrated into the pipeline, or even use the shared farm where you do not need the power of a dedicated farm. The shared farm allows you to launch your jobs in a shared queue making the cost of processing even more flexible.

IBM Cloud Storage

Each data center in the IBM Cloud has the capacity to host thousands of servers. The bandwidth and low latency of the network that interconnects the servers allows high availability and replication of data, as well as optimal performance. The redundant energy and cooling resources are inspected regularly to ensure stability. All locations are protected and access to server rooms is limited to certified staff. The external auditors verify the controls and detailed reports are provided for safety.

Storage is one of the critical parts of the infrastructure, to correctly size its capacity with the connectivity and redundancy requirements for intensive use and without bottlenecks that hinder the work of a team. However, in SimpleCloud you can have at your disposal the systems architecture of an IBM data center and pay only for the space you need, being able to expand it at any time according to the project needs. Thanks to the permission management model, it's possible to limit the access of a collaborator exclusively to the data or project information relevant to the realization of the work to be developed. You can limit it by downloading files, thus maintaining the security of your intellectual property.  Although the direct attached storage is based on the IBM infrastructure the virtual workstations themselves are Cloud Storage agnostic.  You can mount S3, B2, Google, or Azure buckets if needed.


SimpleCloud uses Horizon 7, the leading virtualization platform for workstations and VMware applications. This technology provides users with access to virtual desks, applications and online services, maintaining optimal performance by taking advantage of NVIDIA GPU virtualization, which gives cloud-based workstations 3D capacities similar to those of on-site workstations. This technology allows SimpleCloud to improve the collaborative workflow and cut down costs, allowing distributed teams to collaborate on graphic projects at real time in the cloud, increasing the security of critical data. Intellectual property is protected since stored data is centralized.

Virtual workstations accelerated with NVIDIA® GPU

SimpleCloud uses the virtual GPU (vGPU) technology of NVIDIA that redefines visual computing, by giving designers, engineers, scientists, and graphic artists the power to take on the biggest visualization challenges with immersive, interactive and photo realistic environments. Leveraging NVIDIA GPUs, NVIDIA GRID™ delivers virtual workstations from the data center, or cloud. Architects, engineers, and designers are now released from their desk and can access applications and data from anywhere. All this, while maintaining the certified compatibility with the market leading applications.

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